Collision and Auto Repair for Bucks County

Accidents happen all the time. Sometimes it's only a minor ding that's relatively easy to fix. At other times, the damage is significant and needs special attention by qualified auto body experts to restore the vehicle to like-new condition. At Maple Auto Body, we understand how frustrating the collision repair process can be. That's why we take the time to carefully address every client's concerns. If you've got questions, we'll do everything possible to make sure every one of those issues is addressed. Common questions include:

  • How Much Will the Repairs Cost?
    Costs are determined by two factors: parts and labor. Parts costs are determined by the suppliers, and some shops will attempt to reduce costs by using substandard materials. That's not to your benefit, and we'll always use high-quality parts for any collision repair. Labor costs are based on the number of hours needed to complete the needed work. Complex repairs, obviously, will take more time, meaning the costs will be higher than for minor issues that can be dealt with quickly. At Maple Auto Body, we'll explain exactly what needs to be done and how long it will take. Of course, our Bucks County area clients will always receive a complete estimate of everything that needs to be done to fully restore a vehicle.
  • Will the Vehicle Be Safe After the Repairs Are Completed?
    Your safety is our top concern, and our experts are trained to make sure every repair completed in our facility meets or exceeds industry standards. While our clients expect their repaired vehicles to look good after a repair, we're just as concerned with ensuring anyone riding in the vehicle is fully protected.
  • Is the Workmanship Top Quality?
    We're certain you've seen vehicles on the road that have obviously been involved in an accident and were poorly repaired. Body panels aren't aligned properly and the paint doesn't match the original color. At Maple Auto Body, we take pride in delivering quality workmanship that will make it virtually impossible to tell the vehicle was repaired.

Our Promise to You is Simple.

Most people rarely deal with auto body repair shops, so they have no way to judge the shop's integrity or their ability to properly repair a vehicle. We promise to take every step needed to provide the highest-quality service available, and our record backs up that promise.

At Maple Auto Body, we've been providing quality service to clients for over 40 years. Residents from Langhorne, Levittown, Newtown, and Yardley have been trusting our team to repair their vehicles, and we've always made it our policy to provide the quality of service they expect. From the first contact to the day a client drives their fully repaired vehicle away, we make it easy for them to ask questions and follow the progress of their vehicle's repair.

Technology Is Changing, and We Are Too

Today's vehicles are far more complex than those of the past. That means the technology used for collision repair them is always evolving. We've made it our policy to keep abreast of industry changes to make sure we're able to repair any vehicle properly. Of course, that also means our technicians must constantly upgrade their training to ensure they're fully aware of how to deal with the new materials used in vehicles, like Ford's recent adoption of aluminum body panels, as well as modern painting techniques.

After an Accident, You Have Choices

While insurance companies routinely recommend specific auto body repair shops, you have the right to pick the shop that's entrusted to repair your vehicle. While it's perfectly acceptable to take a vehicle to a recommended facility, don't do so if you've got any concerns about the quality of work from that shop.

Your Restoration Project Is Safe With Us

Not every vehicle we repair was involved in an accident. That special project car you've always dreamed of is also safe with our team of experts. Whether it's a '60s muscle car or an exotic European sports car, we're here to discuss the project and suggest strategies to make your dream car or truck a reality. Visit our gallery to see just a few examples of vehicles we've restored.

We Deliver What We Promise

Maple Auto Body always delivers exactly what we promise. Your vehicle is important, and we're fully prepared to work with vehicle owners and insurance companies to make sure your needs are always fully met. Give us a call or feel free to stop at the shop if you've got questions about a repair or need help right now. We'll take the time to discuss any repair options and prepare an estimate to begin the repair process. When you're ready, we're also here to schedule the work you need so your vehicle will be restored to like-new condition. To get started, contact our team today.


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It's Your Choice Who Repairs Your Car! Not the Insurance Company!

For more information  visit Pennsylvania Collision Trade Guild